Page 64 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

external network and were totally isolated without any connection to the outside world in immediate vicinity. There were two more tunnels-the northern tunnel housing the Water pumping station control unit, and, the southern tunnel that had the Warehouse where all the supplies of the site were kept and perishable were preserved. After giving the details about that level, he moved to the security details of the site. It was one of the most secure locations on earth. There were more than a thousand commandos guarding the facility, six anti-aircraft guns, a missile defense shield whose navigation was satelliteguided, ten armored vehicles, six jeep-mounted guns and several dozen wall-mounted heavy machine guns. In ordinary circumstances, the facility also had heavy air cover from certain air bases and dozens of fighter jets could reach there within minutes. But, as Alexander had taken control of the air bases and planes, there was no more air cover for the site.

After that, he moved to the details about the project completion status. The systems were already in place. The super-structure and the sub-structures were already laid out. The system had not been tested till then as
far as its operational speed was concerned but initial estimates and calculations had put it as about 45% faster and more efficient than CYBERION-1. The memory of MAXIMUS was 40% higher and power consumption was 10% lower overall. The only aspect of the project that still had a major portion left was the core programming. The in-built programming was being done on the lines of CYBERION-1 but after the unwanted outcome there, the