Page 70 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

However, when Daniel asked Neville about how he planned to go ahead with it, he said that he is not the right person to handle the task. First, because his knowledge of Sanskrit was quite basic as he was still learning it, and second, because he would have to teach it to the rest of the team as well, which is quite impossible, keeping in mind the restrictive time-frame we had at hand. When Daniel asked him if he knew of someone who could do it for us, he replied thus:

“The only person who can help us is Param, my online friend from India who was the one to introduce me to this concept. We will have to approach him to see if he can join us in our quest. If you are okay with it, I can try and get in touch with him. I have lost touch with him for the last two-and-a-half years, but I can definitely try to locate him”. 

Daniel sat in silence for a few moments and, then, said, “Neville, go and pack your bags. You too Robin. We are leaving for DC right now. Once there, I will have a word with the seniors to get their permission to get on board with us and you two would need to locate Param in the meantime.”

It took the three of us less than an hour to pack up everything we could require and in the next half-an hour after that we were at a helipad located about thirty miles away, and within the next couple of hours, we were at the White House waiting to meet the superiors. When we met them and Neville explained his point of view to them, they were a bit skeptical but when I and Howard expressed our willingness to try it out, they agreed to it. All of us went to a conference room and within twenty