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And, that time, I accepted that outstretched hand to express my consent.

And that was the beginning of my life with the intelligence services. In fact, it was the beginning of an adventure that I am still living.

* * *

Since it was the first time I had been to the Pentagon, I obviously did not know much about the building and what all was done there. What I definitely did not know, and I am sure not many people knew, about was the existence of an underground network deep below the Pentagon. However, it took me about a year’s hard work to prove myself worthy enough to be introduced to that WORLD. On my first day, I followed Mr. Steyn like a lost puppy looking all around with wide eyes, amazed at the size of the structure and the huge number of people I could see all around.

The Pentagon was a huge five storey structure made up of five concentric pentagonal rings (designated A, B, C, D and E rings) that enclosed a big five-acre open courtyard. There were ten spike-like corridors that divided the whole structure into ten divisions. There were two below ground levels as well namely the BASEMENT and the MEZZANINE. Mr. Steyn told me that more than 25,000 people worked in that building in various departments and divisions of the government. It had five facades: the Mall Terrace Entrance facade, the River Terrace Entrance facade, the Concourse Entrance (or Metro Station) facade, the South Parking Entrance facade, and the Heliport