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measures were put in place. There were six additional levels built below the basement that not only house some super sensitive research and intelligence projects, but, can also act as bunkers in case of a future attack. In that attack, a large number of people had died as there were no proper bunkers to escape the destruction and whatever little places that the people hid themselves in after the attacks were absolutely inaccessible after the attacks as all access points got blocked by debris and due to some other problems like the low height of the access tunnels preventing the entry of fire trucks till their tops were cut off. By the time the rescue personnel got to those people, half of them had died due to lack of air supply, or bleeding or smoke, etc. Therefore, when these new levels were built, a fail-safe was built there. Certain sensors were installed throughout the structure that are programmed to get activated in case of an attack on the Pentagon, and, subsequently, about half-an-hour after the attack, to initiate the collapse of a particular stretch of land creating an exit path opening out about two miles away from the Pentagon. Once opened, the passageway can be closed using a heavily encrypted digital passkey and a password that are in the possession of the Secretary of State and the Chief of Staff, respectively. And, one of them has to be at Langley and the other person has to be at the Pentagon for the purpose.”

I could never have known about these things about the Pentagon had I not decided to be a part of that new project.

After that, we spent a week at the Pentagon, which I thoroughly utilized in gathering knowledge about the Who’s Who and the functioning of various organizations.