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from tanks to planes, from bullets to missiles, and from dynamite to nuclear bombs. But now, in a world that is more or less dependent on computers to function properly and effectively, everything is moving from the real world to the digital world, including WAR. This is the age of the beginning of Cyber-warfare, and, we want to be the ones to be the first to assume total supremacy in this war. There are rogue nations out there who wish to use the cyberspace to cause havoc financially, operationally, and in every other possible way. We have decided that we cannot let this happen. We need to control it and gradually put a stop to all of it. Therefore, we thought of “CYBERION-I”. Using this, we would keep an eye on the digital as well as the real world and would intercept any plan of any form of attack whether a terrorist attack in the real world, wherever it might be, or a cyber-attack wherever it might be. Till date, we have helped various nations by providing them support against tyranny, terrorism, and war using the tools of diplomacy, force and money. Now, once this project is fully functional, we would be the vigilantes saving the world from destruction.”

He culminated his speech at such a crescendo that a nice round of applause was quite obvious. I wasn’t really sure if he had told us everything there was to know about the project or whether such honest intentions were actually the intentions that the government intended to put into effect once the project was functional. But, the way he said it, even I, the perennial skeptic, was forced to applaud.

We spent the next one year working at completing the installation of “CYBERION-I”, the behemoth of the computer world. During that one year, we realized that it