Page 59 of Annihilation Almost by Raj Sharma

not easy to gel with new people immediately and it takes time for such a large number of people to come together, but, time is a luxury that we do not have. Therefore, all of you would be required to create a mutual understanding at the earliest and work as one complete unit and not as team MAXIMUS and team CYBERIA. So, let’s brace ourselves up for some hectic days ahead. Good luck”.

With this, he sat down to give way to Daniel who, then, addressed the gathering as thus,

“Yesterday, something happened that was totally unexpected and for which we were definitely not prepared. We lost control of CYBERION-I to a hacker named Alexander Ajanma. Last night, exactly at midnight, he took over controls of all digitally-controlled weapons in existence in the world. All nuclear weapons’ installations, Nuclear reactors, missile installations, fighter planes, other planes, Submarines, ships; in short, all major weapons in the world are under Alexander’s control and the rest of the humanity is left with only hand held weapons, which can hardly be expected to match what he has. In other words, he controls the world today, and, we have to get that back from him at any cost. In other (glancing at his watch) two minutes, the President, the Secretary of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Chief Security Advisor would address all of us on the same”.

Just as he stopped and sat down in his chair, the screen behind the podium lit up. He and Dr. Starinsky were seated on left side of the podium with the screen on their left and us on their right.