Page 73 - Off to India

We went to an Internet parlor in the city and booked our tickets on the first available flight, which was to leave Dulles International at 2130 hours in the night and was to reach Delhi at 0730 hours two days later. We kept the return to be four days after that but took a fully flexible ticket as we had no idea how much time would it take to locate Param, especially when we had to locate him without using any computer.

At the airport, we intentionally sat near a security camera and made small talk about visiting India to take a break. Daniel said, “We have tried to suggest various methods but they are not satisfied with our efforts. Let them think of something. It is good that we are going away for almost a week as it would only be in our absence that they would realize how much they need us to counter Alexander.” 

Then, I added my two bits, “And while they would learn our importance, we would be visiting the Taj Mahal and some Indian Fort or Palace. I have also heard about some beautiful hilltop temples and I would like to visit at least one of them.”

We spoke a bit more about our fictitious vacation but did not overdo it and soon, we were on the flight to India.