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Everybody looked at Daniel and he did not take even a moment to accept his proposal. Thus, it was decided that Param and his team would fly over to Charleston to join our existing team. However, had all of us left together, Alexander would have noticed the movement. Therefore, Daniel suggested:

“We would need to ensure that we escape Alexander’s notice. All of us would have to take different routes. Use various entry points like New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas to reach the states, and from there, take some road route and rail route to reach Charleston, West Virginia. Once there, we need to ensure we do not stay in same hotels. We need to decide on who would stay in which hotel. Once everyone is in Charleston, we would make arrangements for their transfer to our secure site one by one. So, right now, we need to make a list of who all are joining us, what route would each one by following, what hotels would each one be staying at and by when would they reach there. Once we have decided all that, we would need to put that into action immediately. We need to ensure that we have that list ready in the next three days so that we have it with us when we return. And, once we have returned, we need to ensure that everyone else reaches the project site within three days after that. Tomorrow, we would leave for Agra and Jaipur for a three day trip as we need to make Alexander believe that we are indeed on a vacation. The fact that we found you so easily has allowed us to fool Alexander a bit more. Another thing that I would like to request is to meet those other twenty people who would be joining us. Would it be possible to meet them today?”