Page 85 - Prometheus

Param arrived at DC by a United flight arriving early morning at Dulles International. He went to the Washington Union Train Station straight from the airport and bought a ticket on the 11 AM train to Chicago. We boarded the same train, 51 Cardinal, from Charleston at around 2000 hours. The train reached Chicago at around 1000 hours next morning. Once we got down at the Chicago Union Station, Param took a cab to reach Oak Park Train Station, which was a short distance from the address that Prometheus had given to Param. The two of us took a separate cab to reach that place. Once we reached there, we found him waiting for us about a hundred meters short of the station. From there, he joined us in our cab and we went to the address at Forest Avenue that Prometheus had given to him.

When we arrived at the house, I could not help but be impressed by the house. It was a nice suburban style house with a well-maintained garden that ran around the house all the way from the front to the sides and the back. There was a driveway from the road to the house on the right of the garden. From the driveway, a stone path led to the front porch. We went up there and Param rang the doorbell. I must say it was a beautiful house, but not because of any grandiose but for its simple charm that each and every