Page 88

“Face-off! . . . . I have had several opponents over the last few years but nobody could beat me or come to know of my identity . . . . unless . . . . unless you are . . . .”

“YES. I am THE Robin”

“Oh . . . my . . . . God . . . . I never thought we would come face to face ever,” said Chris while vigorously shaking my hand.

Then, it was time for Param to exclaim, “I seriously cannot believe that I will be working on a project alongside ROBIN. I mean . . . . for the last four years or so, every hacker in the world has been working wholeheartedly towards achieving one goal—to beat the defense mechanism created by Robin. And, I have the opportunity to work with him and I had no idea about it till now.”

Neville added, “Think about me. I have been working with him for the last two-and-a-half years and even I had no idea about it. And, I am pretty sure no one in the complete project team had any idea about it else he would have been put on a pedestal by now not that he isn’t already. I always thought that Robin is your real name and the mighty ROBIN of the digital world was using a pseudo.”

“Well . . . . only Howard and his bosses knew about it,” I said.

“But, I don’t understand one thing. If YOU are already a part of the team, why do you need me?” asked Chris.