Page 91 - Alexander - He came, He saw, He Conquered

At this point, I believe it would be good to tell all of you about what had Alexander been doing for those thirty days that we had spent trying to devise ways and means to fight him.

Once Alexander had taken over the control of CYBERION-1, his first action was to take control of all Military Installations around the world along with the complete weapons arsenal in the world that was computer controlled. That meant that he had all the major weapons under his control like Missiles of all kinds, Air planes, Ships, Carriers, Destroyers, Submarines, Radar Installations, Satellites, etc. with only hand held weapons out of his reach. However, the threat of using Nuclear Weapons and other WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), both Chemical and Biological in nature, was enough to prevent anyone from trying to use any force against him or from attempting to take over any military installations back. Moreover, no one knew where to attack as no one had been able to locate Alexander. He had not made any appearance in person